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8/03/13: Habitat Volunteers Help Retired Seniors

8/03/13: Habitat Volunteers Help Retired Seniors

Good weather and enthusiastic volunteers always make for a great A Brush with Kindness paint day. This past Saturday, volunteers came from the Moreno Valley, Riverside, and Corona areas to paint the home of Melvin and Frances, a retired senior couple who live in Il Sorrento Mobile Home Park in Moreno Valley. Melvin and Frances are on fixed incomes and cannot afford the cost to paint their home. The home was bright yellow with white trim when the home was brand new.  Unfortunately, years have passed and now the paint on the home is faded and stained.


Volunteers started early to try and beat the heat, and thankfully, the day started out cool which kept everyone in good spirits for the long work day.  Almost half were seasoned members of the group and painted with Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness before. Everyone broke off into groups, with Javier, a veteran volunteer, taking on the front high trim early on in the day. Dustin, another regular volunteer helped clean and prep all the shutters to be painted. He then took care of cleaning paint brushes to be reused for the next paint day.


Scott, Steve, and Ralph took to the ladders to paint the higher parts of the home while everyone else stayed grounded and took extra care with blue tape at the edging, steps and patio work. Melvin wanted the entry doors painted so Amy, one of our seasoned volunteers, did a really good job in completing that request.  We had areas that we had trouble reaching, but Steve, now known as “Tall Guy”, took care of those areas easily. Everyone worked so well together that we finished painting, loaded the truck, and took a group photo with Melvin by 12:30pm on the dot. 


Thank you seasoned and new volunteers you rocked today. Melvin was really impressed with the work done and truly feels blessed.

  1. carol smillie02-06-15

    I am a senior citizen my husband died a little more than a year ago it is getting harder for me to get out and paint my house. is it possible for me to get some help? I am in Apple Valley California

  2. Anita Hernandez02-06-15

    Good Afternoon Carol,
    Unfortunately we do not serve Apple Valley, fortunately there is a Habitat who does. Habitat for Humanity San Bernardino Area would be the Habitat to contact. Here is their website: