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6/2/12: Spackle & Caulk Day

6/2/12: Spackle & Caulk Day

Our Habitat volunteers answered the bat signal once again!  Our cry for help went out on May 31st and just in a few hours we had 25 volunteers ready to go for June 2nd.  5 of these heroes volunteered at Crestmore, our new build.  Alongside the Dominguez family (future Habitat homeowners purchasing Crestmore), the Nolasco family (future Habitat homeowners purchasing De La Vista) and the Gaston family (current Habitat homeowners of Graham Street), volunteers spackled and caulked to their hearts content. They spackled and calked all the baseboards, closets and trim in preparation for this upcoming Saturday paint day.

Thanks to their hard work, volunteers helped smooth and seal this home to make it Energy Star efficient. Great job everyone! Thanks to our volunteer photographer, John Gerson, for grabbing these shots of some great volunteers!

  1. Tonya06-07-12

    When is the next one, been interested for quite some time, Locally and abroad.want to do the hands-on…just teach me how 🙂

  2. CMorgando06-07-12

    Hi Tonya! As a registered Habitat volunteer, we will be sure to email you anytime we’ve posted something on the Volunteer Up calendar. If you’re interested in volunteering abroad, check out Habitat International’s website at