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4/19/12: Volunteer Award Banquet

4/19/12: Volunteer Award Banquet

Habitat for Humanity Riverside was lucky to participate in Community Connect’s 15th Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet by nominating two volunteers this year.

Debi Bagley, who was unable to attend the banquet, has been a volunteer with Habitat Riverside since 2004. She is also very involved with Riverside’s Rape Crisis Center. She serves on Habitat Riverside’s Board of Directors as Secretary and on the Fundraising Committee. Debi is one of our most devoted volunteers. Her support comes in many different forms. She attends special events and is often at the forefront of our fundraisers. We rely heavily on her expertise and opinion with home ownership/escrow related issues.

Therese Vetrino, who was able to attend and is pictured below, has volunteered on Habitat Riverside’s Family Selection Committee for many years.  After hours and on weekends, Therese has been a committed Family Selection Committee member. She attends late night committee meetings, conducts after work and on weekend home visits, and cheers on new Habitat families at their home dedication ceremonies. Therese provides our committee with specific knowledge in low income housing issues and facilitates discussions at Family Selection meetings to bring the committee to an accurate decision.

With a delicious dinner, entertainment, and speakers from the community, the banquet was a wonderful way to recognize the hard work Debi and Therese put in for Habitat Riverside.   Thanks to Community Connect for providing this free volunteer recognition for Riverside’s nonprofit community!



  1. Therese Vetrino04-25-12

    I just want to extend my appreciation for this recognition. It was such a surprise and honor.
    Habitat Riverside is a wonderful organization, run by a team of caring individuals who “get it done” in a crunch by providing an opportunity to families for affordable homeownership. In today’s economy, with limited resources, Habitat Riverside has placed over 10 families in new homes in the last 2 years. (Sorry I don’t have the exact numbers and I know it’s more than that.)
    My volunteer hours are only a small part of the many hours contributed by so many people in our community who have the same vision of helping others and “Paying It Forward.”
    I am grateful to be part of this program and encourage everyone to join us and become involved!

  2. CMorgando04-25-12

    Of course Habitat Riverside wouldn’t be able to do it without you Therese! It’s because of dedicated volunteers that meet on important issues on their lunch breaks and after work that we are as successful as we are.

  3. Michele Lee04-26-12

    Congratualtions Therese, good job! You do alot and I know Habitat has always been the forefront for you. Anytime you talk to anyone or in a big group, Habitat is the first thing i hear come from you. I have to admit it, if it wasn’t for you and your daughter, Brianna, i probably would have never gotten so involved with Habitat like i am now.
    I am now a volunteer myself. It really is amazing to see how many individuals do get involved for families that they don’t even know. People with a heart, people that care unselfishly, that’s what i say.

  4. Therese05-12-12

    Welcome Aboard Shelley!