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10/27/12: UCR Chapter & ADT Volunteers

10/27/12: UCR Chapter & ADT Volunteers

A big thank you goes out to the teams from ADT and the UCR Habitat Campus Chapter who worked hard painting the home of Sultan and Muna in the Countrywood Estates Mobile Home Community in Corona.  This large group of energetic volunteers came ready to make a difference for this family.  Sultan is a senior and still working to support his family of five. Earlier this year Sultan suffered a heart attack and recently underwent open heart surgery. He returned to work as soon as he was cleared by the doctor but painting the exterior of his home is probably still not a good project for him to undertake at this point. The park management had already given him written notice that his home needed to be painted to keep up with park standards.

Their home needed quite a few repairs to the siding and trim before the Saturday paint day.  Several large sections of the siding had been damaged by water intrusion and had to be replaced before painting. Some large pieces of trim also had to be replaced and caulked to seal them from water in the future. All of the carport uprights have either been dented or bent due to an errant car (or cars) so they will also need to be replaced at a later date. The uprights were also in the citation by park management.

The two groups of volunteers worked well together.  The UCR chapter has worked on these projects with Habitat in the past and quickly went to work on the lower sections. The ADT group grabbed extension poles or took to the ladders and got right to work.

Carol Young, a returning Global Life Habitat volunteer, joined us and gave a helping hand with the prep repairs, managing the group and taking care of Dorothy who got a little too much sun.  Carol got her out of the sun quickly and made sure that she drank lots of water.  Dorothy recovered quickly and went back to work, but this time she stayed in the shady areas.  Sultan’s son Amer, also joined the group to help out with the trim work and the exterior painting was completed in just 4 hours.

Sultan and Muna were so appreciative of the repairs and the painting that they made a great lunch for all the volunteers.  You know college students never turn down food! The ADT group ate well too. The food was really good and was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole group.  Sultan and Muna were extremely happy with the help they received and the work that was done to the home. The homeowners made sure the volunteers knew they made a difference. This team really showed their compassion, energy and teamwork!

  1. Emily10-31-12

    It was a rewarding experience! My husband and I had a good time and are looking forward to volunteering again in the very near future! Thank you Habitat for Humanity 🙂

  2. Christine Morgando10-31-12

    We were happy to have you & your husband Emily!

  3. Veronica10-31-12

    First time volunteer, but I really enjoyed it!! I would definetly do it again!

  4. Christine Morgando10-31-12

    That’s great to hear Veronica! We’ll keep you posted on future Habitat volunteer opportunities!