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ESL Power Systems, Inc. Volunteers Help Families in Riverside

ESL Power Systems, Inc. Volunteers Help Families in Riverside

On Saturday, March 11th, volunteers from ESL Power Systems, Inc. helped a family in Riverside repaint their home.  The paint on the exterior of the home had begun to peel and flake due to years of exposure.  The homeowner, Belen, is a disabled senior citizen who helps care for her daughter who also is disabled.  The two have lived in their home in Riverside for many years.  Without the physical or financial means to repaint the home themselves, Belen and her daughter needed some help.  With the help of Habitat for Humanity Riverside and hard work from the volunteers of ESL Power Systems, Inc., together we ensured that Belen and her daughter’s home looked brand new. 


One of the first questions asked of volunteers during safety briefings before each project begins is if they have any experience with painting.  More than a few hands rose when asked, but one volunteer spoke up with poise, “I haven’t painted a home before, but I’m going to make sure I do the best job I can.  We are going to paint Belen’s home as if it was our own.”  Immediately, the volunteers organized themselves and the supplies needed for that day’s project. ESL Power Systems, Inc. volunteers worked with enthusiasm and excitement, helping each other and the staff of Habitat for Humanity Riverside every step of the way, regardless of the difficulty.  Some of the volunteers from ESL Power Systems, Inc. also brought loved ones along to help out that morning.  Husbands and wives, parents and children, all lent their time and energy to help a member of their community whom they had never met.


Within a few hours it was clear that ESL Power Systems, Inc. had quite a team, not only had they painted Belen’s home with professional detail, but had already begun cleaning up all of the supplies.  The volunteers then went above and beyond what was expected of them that day.  Habitat for Humanity Riverside had two home preservation projects that morning in the same development.  The other home was being painted next door to ESL Power Systems, Inc.’s assigned home but the volunteers at the other house needed a bit of help to finish on time as the home was larger than the one ESL Power Systems, Inc. had painted.  Several of the volunteers from ESL Power Systems, Inc. were eager to help finish the other project and assisted with painting and cleaning up supplies.  They then worked on an additional home with the same enthusiasm and quality of work they had done on the house they were assigned to.  Finally, when Belen was ready to see her home, she and her daughter made their way around the house to admire the work the volunteers at ESL Power Systems, Inc. had completed, but they had a difficult time walking.  The volunteers assisted them as they walked around their home, standing by their side, and helped them clear a path around the home so they could walk safely.  Habitat for Humanity Riverside, Belen, and her daughter were lucky to have ESL Power Systems, Inc. volunteer that day!

To learn about our volunteer day with ESL Power Systems, Inc., check out their blog post! 


  1. Riverside Water Damage03-29-17

    I have worked on 17 houses. SOS painting. The joy from the home owner is the best.

  2. HFHRiverside03-29-17

    Thank you for your support!