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8/3/12: UCR Volunteers!

Posted by in Helping Hands, Volunteers | Comments Off on 8/3/12: UCR Volunteers!
8/3/12: UCR Volunteers!

Another energetic group of students from UCR came together to help paint one of our last units in the King Arthur Mobile Home Park in Riverside this morning. We have completed 71 units in the park and probably 10 of them have been painted by students from the MBA Program at UCR under the leadership of Professor Sean Jasso. What a difference Habitat and all of the fantastic volunteers have made in this park.

Today went super smooth with students hitting it hard and staying focused on the task at hand. Extra thanks to Daniel for spending the entire shift on the front of the unit. No pressure, but the front is the focal point of these jobs! He took a lot of ribbing from everyone else for ONLY doing the front, but he was the one on the extension ladder doing the tough stuff working around the bushes. Great work Daniel…and thanks for taking the teasing so well.

Interestingly, most of the students had never painted before but you couldn’t tell from the work they did. And Professor, did you ever think you would get enough paint on the walls of that shed to cover it? I don’t think it had ever been painted and the wood just soaked up the new paint as fast as we could put it on.

Homeowner Thomas, who is disabled, watched and cheered on the volunteers as they worked diligently transforming his unit. The group finished ahead of schedule and helped load the truck before going off to, as a couple of folks put it, “jump into the nearest pool!” Next scheduled date for this group is November 2, so we’ll get busy identifying the right projects for this team. Never a shortage of people out there who need our help!