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7/31/14: A Fresh and Easy Paint Day

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Riverside, Volunteers | Comments Off on 7/31/14: A Fresh and Easy Paint Day
7/31/14: A Fresh and Easy Paint Day

The last week of July 2014 has come and our last home we will paint this month is located in Riverside County. Today’s volunteers are from the supermarket chain Fresh and Easy. When they arrived to the mobile home park they possessed a passion to paint Christine’s home and bless her that day. The homeowner Christine is a 74 year old woman who has a moxie personality and was pleasant to meet. Christine is currently earning her income from social security and was cited by the park to repaint her home. Habitat for Humanity Riverside was contacted and Christine met with Habitat Riverside representatives to discuss the painting situation. We told her that through Habitat Riverside’s A Brush With Kindness program, which she qualified for, that her home could be painted by hard working volunteers in the weeks to come.


As the volunteers started to arrive at Christine’s home on Thursday morning and after the safety briefing and Habitat for Humanity’s traditional devotional prayer, the volunteers began painting Christine’s home. During the paint day the volunteers painted the exterior walls, the trim, the railing for the steps and the supports for the car port. The once dingy yellowish color on the walls were disappearing little-by-little and being replaced with a coffee colored brown. The trim color was painted an off-white color that accented the exterior walls very well. Once the home was finished it appeared to be a new home. It sparkled in the sun’s rays.


The paint day was not a long one for two reasons. The first reason was because Christine’s home was not a large home, which is perfect for her. The other reason why the paint day ran rather quickly was because of the Fresh and Easy volunteers’ work ethic and determination to finish and finish well. They touched up all the spots on the home and covered every last inch of the home with brand new paint. As always after an ABWK paint day the volunteers meet with the homeowner in the front of the home to take a picture. This is always a great time for the volunteers. They get to meet the homeowner and the homeowner thanks them for their sacrificial work. July 2014 was a great month of ABWK projects and August will definitely be just as great. August 2014 here we come!