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7/25/14: Future Leaders Helping the Community

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Riverside, Volunteers | Comments Off on 7/25/14: Future Leaders Helping the Community
7/25/14: Future Leaders Helping the Community

It is always a treat to work alongside with young adults who have a heart to give back to their communities and participate in projects with Habitat for Humanity Riverside. On Friday the 25th we had the privilege to have business students from UCR under the direction of Dr. Jasso participate in an A Brush With Kindness project in the city of Riverside. We have had Dr. Jasso and his students come out on several occasions for paint days. The students are always hard workers who never stop working until the job is complete.


When the UCR student volunteers arrived they were eager to work and complete the project knowing that a wonderful homeowner awaits a newly painted home. There was some faded and worn out paint on her home yet they were ready to accomplish the goal set ahead. After our safety session and devotional prayer, the volunteers grabbed their painting rollers and tray of paint and went strainght to work. During the project the students who had experience with painting in the past helped their classmates who were new. Team work is essential to a paint day and having over 15 volunteers on this project definitely helped.


Hope, the homeowner was inside during the project. Hope is a small elderly woman with a strong will and a pleasent smile. The time flew by as the volunteers painted the home. The sun did not burn too hot that day like other paint days. As the volunteers finished up they began to pick up and organize the tools and paint. The volunteers did not complain about the paint day nor did they need to be reminded to work. The UCR students accomplished their goals and greeted Hope in front of her home. She loved the new paint job upon her home and was very glad and appreciated the volunteers for coming out to paint her home. Hope’s appreciation can be seen in the group photo below. If these students are our future business leaders, than we are in good hands.