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7/22/14: Caring for Others

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Riverside, Volunteers | Comments Off on 7/22/14: Caring for Others
7/22/14: Caring for Others

There comes a time in everyone’s life that they must rely on others for daily tasks. These tasks could be as simple as buying groceries for a friend or loved one or as personal as helping someone out of bed in the morning. Knowing these things it is with great respect that we acknowledge those who assist seniors and others who are in need of aid.


This week our volunteers met retired senior citizen Anna who is resident of the city of Riverside. Anna is a senior living on a fixed income and has a caregiver that helps her with daily tasks due to her having MS. Anna needs help getting around with a walker or wheel chair. With her condition and her low fixed income there is no way she could afford to have her home painted; however, with Habitat for Humanity Riverside’s  A Brush With Kindness program she qualified to have her home painted.


A few weeks before the paint day Habitat Riverside sent out emails to potential volunteers to help paint Anna’s home and many responded to the cause. On that morning we had around 14 hardworking volunteers to paint Anna’s home. After our safety discussion and morning devotional prayer the volunteers tackled the project. They began with a quick fervor knowing that the temperature of that summer day would be a high one. Some of the volunteers were family members who conquered entire sides of the home and others made new friends as we all worked together.


When we finished painting Anna’s home, she came out to greet the volunteers and view her newly painted home. She loved the lite yellow color and the horrible faded bluish color from before was now just a memory. This paint day was conducted on a Tuesday and what better way to begin a week: helping a deserved senior citizen and spreading love throughout the community.