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7/19/12: Fresh and Easy Volunteers

Posted by in Helping Hands, Moreno Valley, Volunteers | Comments Off on 7/19/12: Fresh and Easy Volunteers
7/19/12: Fresh and Easy Volunteers

Fun time painting today! What a great group from Fresh & Easy who joined together to paint the home belonging to Tiffany and Sam Rios in Santiago Estates. Even Amelia, their 7 month old daughter, was out there in her chair watching with amazement (ok it could have been amusement or even bewilderment) as the team went at it. They had a great time joking with each other but made short work of a big job finishing up just shy of noon. Beautiful work too. These are pretty dramatic before and after shots.

Some of the guys had a little trouble getting used to the bright sun and hot weather since they are used to working inside the freezers all day long but they “weathered” the heat and got the job done.

Plenty of work went into getting ready for the paint. There was no skirting at all on this unit and all of that had to be cut and installed first. Then the trim work and repairs for the areas that were either rotted out or broken. The steps leading to the deck were not level with the top of the decking and they were set on the ground which would definitely lead to rotting very quickly. The steps were lifted onto stone pavers to bring them up to the right height then attached to the decking for stability. The Habitat team completed much of that prep work  last week and the homeowner worked along with the volunteers and staff each work day.

One final work day on Friday the 20th should complete the job with new vents to make sure the newly enclosed “basement” is vented properly; new treads on the steps to replace the rotted ones and a new access panel door to the utilities below the flooring. And, new balusters to make sure that Amelia doesn’t slip through and off the deck because she’ll be up and crawling around before you know it. What a transformation for this family. Now Tiffany and Sam can focus on some landscaping to take care of the dirt around the unit before Amelia grows out of the infant seat and is ready to run around!