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7/14/12: Volunteers Lend A Hand

Posted by in Helping Hands, Volunteers | Comments Off on 7/14/12: Volunteers Lend A Hand
7/14/12: Volunteers Lend A Hand

We had a fun team come together up at King Arthur Mobile Home Park in Riverside on Saturday the 14th. Several regulars along with a lot of 1st timers. The crew got right into it early, stayed focused and they almost set a new record breaking time of 3 hours and 45 minutes! Fortunately we got the unit done before the heat got too bad. The homeowner was out of the country visiting family but his daughter who recently lost her home and moved in with him was there, along with her two little dogs who watched our every move through the windows. I wonder what those couches looked like after they finished running back and forth all morning?