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6/9/12: OHL Volunteer Day

Posted by in Helping Hands, Volunteers | Comments Off on 6/9/12: OHL Volunteer Day
6/9/12: OHL Volunteer Day

OK, we have a new time champ! Congratulations to the great group from OHL on Saturday in the King Arthur mobile home park in Riverside. They finished an entire unit in a little over 3 hours! Now we’ve done that before but never with a group this size. We had 14 people who were amazing. They got right to it and worked together to make it happen. We did cheat a little and use the sprayer on the front but even so, we never expected to get done that quickly with less than 20 people. What awesome teamwork. The homeowners Ricky and Theresa were totally surprised that we were done when we knocked on the door. (Ricky works the night shift so he was asleep while we were working.) We left him enough trim paint to paint the railings later on if they decide to.