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6/6/15: SYSCO & Professor Jasso’s Students Tackle Two Homes

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Riverside, Volunteers | Comments Off on 6/6/15: SYSCO & Professor Jasso’s Students Tackle Two Homes
6/6/15: SYSCO & Professor Jasso’s Students Tackle Two Homes

Saturday, June 6 was a great day for a paint day in The Meadows Riverside Mobile Home Park. We tackled two homes that day, along with two amazing groups, SYSCO employees, Professor Jasso and his group of Business students from UCR.

 6/6/15: SYSCO & Jasso6/6/15: SYSCO & Jasso

For Jasso’s students, it was the first day of finals week, so many of them took the time out of their Saturday morning from studying to help us paint Socorro’s home. It was a great sight to see that even with the stress of finals these students were willing to put some time aside to help out a fellow community member.

 6/6/15: SYSCO & Jasso6/6/15: SYSCO & Jasso6/6/15: SYSCO & Jasso

SYSCO employees had the opportunity to paint Beverly’s home. They were supervised by our AmeriCorp volunteer, Joe Gonzales. The SYSCO group was such a joy to have along for our paint day! They were all very enthusiastic about painting Beverly’s home and making it look the best it could be.


Both groups finished around noon which was what we were aiming for. Both Socorro and Beverly were more than happy with the results of their new paint job. Socorro even joked around and said she would love to take all the volunteers out for dinner if they came to visit her!


Thank you Professor Jasso, UCR Business Students, and SYSCO for all your hard work!

6/6/15: SYSCO & Jasso6/6/15: SYSCO & Jasso