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6/27/14: A Bittersweet Goodbye BBQ

Posted by in Events | Comments Off on 6/27/14: A Bittersweet Goodbye BBQ
6/27/14: A Bittersweet Goodbye BBQ

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”- Theodore Roosevelt

Nothing brings people together better than food, and this was definitely displayed at Habitat for Humanity Riverside on Friday 6/27. The summer season has come; barbecue smoke is in the air and the aroma of burgers and hot dogs fill our noses. However, this celebration is not merely for a change of season or weather or to feast on delicious food, but to celebrate a time that has now come to an end. With staff, board members and friends attending this event, our affiliate celebrated our AmeriCorps Vista and Nationals, which are our first AmeriCorps members at our affiliate.

These past 10 months, our AmeriCorps members Jenna Holmes, Azhar Khan and Daniel Anchondo have worked diligently throughout all the stressful and joyful moments this year. They have been establishing the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative NRI in Jurupa Valley, which consists of resident meetings, focus groups, and an A Brush with Kindness project. They have also participated and elected leaders in a community coalition called Healthy Jurupa Valley, which has been focusing on healthy initiatives in the city, partnering with organizations, residents and city officials. Our AmeriCorps have also visited schools in the area such as Ramona High School, Castle View Elementary School and Cal State University San Bernardino to their experiences as AmeriCorps with Habitat Riverside.

They have been essential to produce substantial data for NRI and have created strong bonds with residents, city officials and members of other organizations in the area. With these strong bonds have come friendships and partnerships between organizations. Their work has helped the development of city events, connecting residents to healthy foods and greater safety awareness.

Though the time has come for our AmeriCorps to move on into professional careers, they will always be a part of what Habitat Riverside is all about: “A world where everyone can have a decent, safe, affordable place to live.” As time moves I know we will gaze at photos displaying their work and commitment to their positions. The foundations they have laid will never be forgotten. This coming year Habitat Riverside will introduce 5 new AmeriCorps to continue in the legacy and devotion of our 2013-2014 AmeriCorps. It’s like that old saying, “Every good thing must come to an end,” but we know the end does not mean goodbye, it means good luck and I’ll hear from you soon.