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4/5/14: A Job Well Done by OctoClean

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Riverside, Volunteers | Comments Off on 4/5/14: A Job Well Done by OctoClean
4/5/14: A Job Well Done by OctoClean

The OctoClean Compnay and Habitat for Humanity, Riverside came to the aid of a Riverside Meadows home owner on Saturday April 5th. Home owner Nicki lives in the Riverside community and recently re-entered the work force as she was unemployed and has been trying to get back on her feet. Park management had given her a notice to paint the home but could not afford it and needed help to paint her home. The walls of the home used to be a baby blue color but have drastically faded and the white trim wasn’t white anymore in several spots. Additionally, her side steps and patio floor needed some attention.

OctoClean came out to help Nicki and took care of the repairs. Nick, an OctoClean volunteer, led the small but experienced group took on the challenge to paint her home. He arrived with donuts in hand to keep everyone going, Nick has painted with Habitat Riverside before and knows that a little sugar goes a long way. The day started off cool which always makes for a good start. After a quick prayer and once everyone signed in, the painting began. Since we only had a small group of 8 volunteers, we broke up the team into twos for each side of the home. Nicki, helped for about two hours which helped get the patio side completed. Nick took on the front area and of course the high peak.  All the crews were in the shade at the start of the day because of the cloud cover. But as the day got warmer, the sunny areas were a little harder to do because of the heat. That’s we made sure the volunteers had plenty of water and Nicki sweetened up the day by bringing out cookies for the volunteers to munch on while painting.

OctoClean is a commercial building cleaning company so everyone volunteering showed that they all knew how to get the job done. It took a little longer than usual to paint the home because of the small crew, but it did get done. Nicki loved the colors and the new look of the home. She was very thankful for all the help she received from the OctoClean team! OctoClean volunteer’s thank you for wrapping your arms around Nicki’s home and making it look new again. You did Great!