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1/19/13: Jurupa Honor Society Finishes Up Les & Linda’s Home

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Volunteers | Comments Off on 1/19/13: Jurupa Honor Society Finishes Up Les & Linda’s Home
1/19/13: Jurupa Honor Society Finishes Up Les & Linda’s Home

A Big Hooray goes out to the Senior Jurupa Honor Society students! They put the finishing touches on the home of Les and Linda. This senior couple live in Santiago Estates Mobile Home Park in Moreno Valley. Their home really needed some extra work due to the fact that Les could not do all the home chores like he used to because of his recent dual hip replacements.

This Habitat project started in mid-December when the Junior Jurupa Honor students took care of the overgrown landscaping and removed several big bushes and stumps. Once that was all cleared several days were spent with a few Habitat volunteers to repair the exterior of the home and another great group, March JPA from Moreno Valley painted the home. As the painting was being completed, we realized there were more repairs needed before the paint job could be completed.

So this final paint and repair day was done by the Jurupa High School Seniors. There was caulking to be done and repairs were needed for the front skirting and trim on the shed. Once the final repairs were completed, the group tackled the rest of the painting on the patio railing and lattice as well as the new front skirting.

It was a perfect day that started out with a little chill in the air, but soon warmed up nicely. The students, their parents, along with their teacher Josh all arrived on time to take on this project with smiles and a ready-to-work attitude!

Carol, our well-traveled Habitat volunteer leader took on caulking duty with a couple of the students. Josh took on the high trim painting and his group painted the supports. Brandon, one of Habitat’s Federal Work Study interns, led a large group of students to paint the patio railings and lattice. Ebonnye, also a Habitat Federal Work Study intern, took charge of photography and volunteer sign-in. Shana and her father Art jumped in and took care of trim replacement for the shed. Once Art and Shana were done with the shed it was onto the rotted skirting in the front. Art is an electrician by trade so he was a natural at this.

The rest of the students weeded and cleaned out all the flower beds around the home. It was an impressive day of teamwork. All of projects finished around the same time.

Just over 4 hours and every task was complete just in time for Patricia (mom to one of the students) to show up with home-made burritos for lunch!

When taking the group photo, Les(the homeowner)gave two thumbs up to signify his deep appreciation of the work done by all the students and volunteers that transformed their home. This exterior renovation project was truly a group effort with three great teams of volunteers working over multiple days to make the necessary repairs for this couple. Two teams of Jurupa Valley High Honor Society Seniors and the team from March JPA. It may have taken a bit more work and time than usual, but the results were worth it. Just ask Les and Linda, our very happy homeowners.