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09/10/13: Elanco Working Together To Help Jurupa Valley Resident

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Jurupa Valley, Volunteers | Comments Off on 09/10/13: Elanco Working Together To Help Jurupa Valley Resident
09/10/13: Elanco Working Together To Help Jurupa Valley Resident

Elanco Animal Health professionals took time away from their Western Regional meeting to help Robert with his home located in Old Plantation Mobile Home Park. Robert who has a pacemaker, currently is caring for his former wife who is recovering from a kidney transplant. Robert lives in Old Plantation Mobile Home Park located in Jurupa Valley. Robert’s home was in need of repairs, it required trim and skirting to be replaced from the sides and back of the home.  Robert’s friends help him with some of these repairs and he tried to paint some of the areas himself, but the colors did not match.

The Elanco Animal Health volunteers gladly took on this challenge and recruited volunteers from all of the western states as Far East as Colorado, to the north, Washington and of course Southern California. The volunteers were a focused and jovial group showing their group pride in their matching blue shirts. Everyone knew each other and painted while talking about
work, sports, and world events.  It was really interesting to see how well they worked together.  They all seemed to be experienced painters and luckily our recent heat wave has passed making the volunteer day a very enjoyable morning and perfect for painting. They made this project seem an easy one. In fact one of the volunteers commented that if you grew up on a farm painting the barn was a regular event.

It wasn’t a barn that the group worked on but it was definitely a professional paint job for Robert’s Home.  Robert thanked all of the group and was amazed that his home was painted in a little more than 3 ½ hours. Then all the Elanco professionals caravanned out of the park to have a well-deserved lunch.

Thank you Elanco professionals for committing to Robert’s home. It was a pleasure working with you today.