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06/14/14: Small Team, Big Project – Rising Six Gets it Done!

06/14/14: Small Team, Big Project – Rising Six Gets it Done!

The Rising Six group began work early in the morning, with paint hitting the pans at 7:00AM. After a short orientation and prayer, brushes and rollers were in use. They were quite a lively bunch, with the team finishing much of the siding and front of the house by 9:00. Javier and Alejandro took charge of painting the eaves of the house, standing on our tallest ladders. Harold, Jed, and Jassue worked on one of the sides of the house.

Some of our future Picassos moved on to the trim color, which took more time and detail. Paige, Jassue, and Kyla took on the task of the detail work for the front window. Another group, including Jed and Jassue, moved to the garage door to finish painting the trim there.

Dave, the A Brush with Kindness coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Riverside, had us set up tarps across the back patio so he could spray the back wall of the house. When it was time to start painting the back patio cover, Nick and Jonathan were up to the task. Paint brushes and rollers in hand, they began painting the spots where the spray didn’t reach. Johnny, Jed, and Jassue also joined in on the back patio painting party, helping to really finish a lot of the detail work that needed to be done underneath the patio cover.

For the resident, John, the project was a much-needed facelift for his house. In the days prior, the Habitat for Humanity crew removed plant overgrowth around the house and repaired the stucco on the siding. They also performed a process called lead abatement, which essentially limits exposure to lead found on the property by replacing old lead piping and removing or sealing any old lead paint. These extra project days successfully addressed and removed health and safety hazards.

At 12:00, it was time to clean up. Rising Six did a great job of gathering up the gear and helping us get it stowed in the A Brush with Kindness truck.  We asked John to come out and see the wonderful work Rising Six had done, and he was so grateful he was moved to tears. It was truly wonderful to see such a huge difference made in such a small amount of time.

Thank you, Rising Six, for helping Habitat for Humanity and A Brush With Kindness make such a large impact on this man’s home and his life!


  1. SSgt Javier Lugo07-01-14

    Rising Six is a group of enlisted Air Force members (E-1 through E-6) from March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley, California. It was our pleasure to assist Habitat For Humanity in beautifying the Riverside neighborhood by painting John’s house.

  2. Christine Morgando07-11-14

    We hope to see your team out on the volunteer site again!

  3. Lisa Norman07-31-14

    Awesome work!!! you guys rock and the owner is so grateful for all your hard work and he kept commenting on the front and how much he loves the paint job and the cactus planted in the parkway 🙂