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A safe, decent, and affordable place to live for Sawaneh

Posted by in News | Comments Off on A safe, decent, and affordable place to live for Sawaneh
A safe, decent, and affordable place to live for Sawaneh

Eighty-five year old Sawaneh has lived in her mobile home for over a decade. After the passing of her husband, her home had begun to deteriorate rendering it unsafe.  In many ways, Sawaneh’s limited income combined with her advanced age and poor health made it difficult for her to take care of her home.  Because of our belief that everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live, we quickly began working on her home. The issues with her home included a leaky roof that had caused the interior ceiling panels to sag and become stained, the deteriorating floor in both the hallway and the master bedroom, the rusty and leaky evaporative cooler, the missing kitchen cabinet drawers, replace short circuiting in some of the various electrical problems, and improperly ventilated water heater door, a broken backdoor that proved to be unsafe in emergency situations.

(Before)                                               (After)

We started by removing the entire roof, installing a new one, and replacing the damaged ceiling panels inside the home. We then repaired the weak floor by replacing the belly floor, sub-flooring, and vinyl-flooring in the home. Next, we replaced and disposed of the dated, corroded evaporative cooler and installed two new drawers for the kitchen cabinets. We continued by updating the wiring throughout the home and ensuring that all of the outlets and switches were no longer short circuiting. Lastly, we installed vents into the water heater door and repaired the backdoor to make it safer for her.

All of these improvements were important to helping Sawaneh thrive in a safe, decent, and affordable place to live. She was very appreciative for the work we were able to do and stated, “It made my home safe and comfortable, especially before the winter and rainy season. God bless you all.”