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5/15/2013: UPS Volunteers Deliver a Paint Job

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Volunteers | Comments Off on 5/15/2013: UPS Volunteers Deliver a Paint Job
5/15/2013: UPS Volunteers Deliver a Paint Job

UPS delivered the goods Tuesday! Eight sales representatives and managers met at the ReStore to learn a little more about Habitat Riverside’s full program offerings. After a tour and orientation, they stopped by our current build site on Arapahoe St in Riverside to check on our building progress. They then headed to their ABWK project in the Old Plantation mobile home park to paint the home belonging to Margarito and his wife Ida. Margarito is a self-employed mechanic, currently living on disability payments after a recent car accident. Right now, he is covering his living expenses and medical bills, until he can resume his mechanic duties.  He really cannot afford to paint his home, although the park management has requested for the house to be painted. 

The UPS group all had their brown community service T-shirts on and did not have to worry too much about ruining them with paint since the trim color that Margarito picked up matched UPS Brown pretty closely! Since it was a small group, extension poles and large rollers made the job go easy. Everyone got busy working on the walls. Jason arrived a little later, so he was assigned to the front of the home all by himself. We had a little maneuvering to do around some plants and rocks so just to be safe, we assigned Portia as an official “ladder stabilizer person,” just to make Jason feel more secure on the ladder. Yanak was assigned to ladder duty on the rear of the home, until it came to light that he is not supposed to be in the sun. He was quickly moved over to the shaded driveway side. Martha took on the detail work while Ron, Cindy, Steve and Mark rolled, rolled and rolled some more to finish all the walls. The group finished about half of the trim, but we will make sure that it gets finished for Margarito and Ida.

The UPS group had a really full day planned and needed to rush off to a business meeting right after their painting job ended. Margarito was at doctor’s appointment and could not be there when the group finished, but Ida joined the team for a group photo in front of the newly painted home. Margarito called Habitat Riverside later in the day to thank the UPS sales team for taking time out of their busy schedules to help him.  He loves the new look of his home.  UPS, that’s the way to deliver!