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2/2/13: UCR Health Professionals’ First Painting with Habitat

Posted by in A Brush with Kindness, Moreno Valley, Volunteers | Comments Off on 2/2/13: UCR Health Professionals’ First Painting with Habitat
2/2/13: UCR Health Professionals’ First Painting with Habitat

A big shout out goes out to the UCR Health Professional group and Michael who pulled together the group of fourteen students, for  painting the home of Miguel and Irma who live at Santiago Estates Mobile Home Park in Moreno Valley. Miguel has been unemployed for almost two years, so the family has been relying on Irma’s income to cover living expenses for their family of four. The family had received a notice to paint their home, because it did not comply with park standards.  The home’s paint was faded pretty badly and was actually different colors in several areas.  The skirting had also been damaged by water, which caused the wood to rot. Unfortunately, the family did not have any extra income to afford the cost of painting their home. However, Miguel had worked in the construction industry and was able to work with Habitat volunteers to replace the rotted parts before the painting was done.

Weather is always a potential problem in February and March, but Saturday was a perfect day for painting. Carol, a frequent Habitat volunteer joined us, as did Brandon, one of our Federal Work Study interns. Janet, who is busily working to complete her sweat equity requirement for her future home purchase, also joined in the fun. Brandon is studying Bio Science and knew several of the students who came to volunteer. 

Most of the group had never painted before, so we did a quick painting 101 class, and the group got right to work. Carol took charge of one long side of the home, and Brandon took managed the other side. They worked around the ends and to complete the walls. While everyone was busy and focused on painting, they were still able to enjoy the tunes on their iPhones and have some fun. Miguel painted the shed and completed almost the entire job by himself; no ladder work on that one! Brandon has become quite the expert on handling the trim work on the awnings and the peaks in which he, Michael, and a few others quickly completed. It is always funny to watch how everyone usually joins together around the big entry deck working on trim, railings and finishing touches around the front door; this seems to happen almost every time. Once the home was completed, all of the volunteers wanted to take photos of what they had accomplished. Even Princess, the family dog got into the final group photo.

Miguel and Irma were very pleased with the new look of their home and repeatedly thanked all of the students.   The UCR students and all of the volunteers who joined in on this project definitely made a difference for Miguel and his family.  Thanks UCR Health Professionals!